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In the pre-digital world we used to work for materials, and now materials work for us.

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Every Friday, Circulate closes out the week with a selection of some of our favourite circular economy-related news from the week that was.

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Every Friday, Circulate provides a roundup of some of the best circular economy articles, videos and podcasts that we’ve seen during the week. This Friday, Stephen Hawking outlines the future we need, Kevin Kelly describes the future we’ll get, and other good stuff. Circular economy R&D in action It’s one thing

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Energy and Material FlowsInternational Correspondents

Os oceanos recebem hoje um caminhão de plásticos por minuto. Isso significa anualmente 8 milhões de toneladas que vêm acrescentar-se aos 150 milhões de toneladas ali presentes. Para cada 3 quilos de peixe, há 1 quilo de plásticos nos ambientes marinhos. A continuar nesse ritmo, em menos de 35 anos

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Future of...

While digital technologies are transforming vehicles and how we interact with them, they are also reshaping city transport infrastructure. Smart infrastructure technologies, collectively known as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), are being embedded in traffic lights, car parks, toll-booths, roads and bridges, making them increasingly able to communicate with each other

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CitiesNewsPeople and Society

How do we interpret policy effectiveness for a circular economy in the Nordic region?

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NewsPeople and Society

Education about the circular economy framework, and the crucial knowledge for it, needs to permeate every level of society, not just c-suites and experts. The ThreeC project explores to strategies to make this happen.

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new plastics economy
Energy and Material FlowsNews

Next week, the New Plastics Economy initiative will kick off in London. Chris Grantham of IDEO explains why it’s significant.

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CitiesEnergy and Material Flows

But what may happen to the city if we develop regenerative activities by internalising energy and material flows? In this episode Michael Batty elaborates on the future developments of cities.

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What can traffic light may tell us about how our economy could work? It may seem a strange question to ask, but Dirk Helbing is the person who makes the connection.

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