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New Circular Innovation Incubator launched by ASU and the City of Phoenix

Arizona State University (ASU) has announced a new innovation incubator programme in partnership with the City of Phoenix. Backed by the US Economic Development Administration’s i6 Challenge, and the Resource Innovation and Solutions Network (RISN), the RISN Incubator is designed to catalyse innovation towards the circular economy by redirecting flows of waste and byproducts to economically viable utilisations elsewhere in the city.

Venture concepts targeted by the incubator programme include: those converting solid waste into new material or energy, services that divert, reuse or recycle, new design concepts, and software applications that support better flows of organic products, or more reuse and recycling.

The selected startups will be provided with a range of resources, including support and training to further develop and scale their products and services, contributing to the regional development of a circular economy.

From plastics to batteries, carpeting, furniture, textiles to food waste, a diverse range of priority waste feedstocks are available to participants in the RISN’s incubator.

Startups will benefit from the expertise of academics at ASU, and the material and practice resources within the City of Phoenix municipal body. Application for the Incubator are open until July 24, with the challenge schedule to kick off on August 25.

Particularly intriguing from a circular economy perspective is the collaboration model between a university and governmental body, the new kinds of connections created and the innovation opportunities it could enable through the Incubator programme.

Source: ASU, City of Phoenix Launch Circular Innovation Incubator

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