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£1m fund for circular economy related manufacturing in Scotland

£1 million of funding is currently available from Zero Waste Scotland for manufacturing businesses aiming to harness and innovate towards realising the significant economic and environmental benefits associated with a circular economy.

Manufacturing is a key target sector for Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Investment Fund, which aims to work with small and medium-sized enterprises to enact circular economy models, and to design products and services that keep materials in use and at their highest utility for as long as possible.

Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, told The Scotsman: “Scotland’s manufacturing sectors are of huge importance to the Scottish economy and are ideally placed to help drive more circular business practices that set Scotland up for a more profitable and sustainable future.

“This is an opportunity to gain financial support for innovative new ideas that generate growth, as well as driving a more circular economy in Scotland. There are huge potential benefits for both the businesses themselves and the country as a whole, and we at Zero Waste Scotland are keen to hear from businesses with transformational ideas.”

The announcement is another example of the potential of policy interventions, as a key enabler of the circular economy, creating funds that incentivise and support a different way of doing business.

Source: The Scotsman

Lead image: Pixabay

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