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Indian Circular Economy Symposium 2017

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) will be hosting the inaugural Circular Economy Symposium on 25th– 26th April 2017 in New Delhi.

Bringing together experts and practitioners from industry, start-ups, government and academia, the event will showcase innovative strategies and practices all focused on enabling the Indian economy to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Apoorva Arya and Arpit Bhutani from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will present Circular Economy in India: Rethinking Growth for Long Term Prosperity, the India Report launched by the Foundation in December 2016.

The Symposium programme will concentrate on the following thematic streams:

  • Unboxing circular economy
  • Ahead of the curve: branding circularity for business value
  • Startups: ninjas in eco-innovation and secondary raw material market
  • Closing the loop through 4 R’s
  • Role of socio-environmental change makers in circular economy
  • The ‘ZERO’ Effect: achieving environmental sustainability in SMEs

For more information about the symposium, visit the event website or write to sakshi.bhargava@ficci.com.

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Lou Waldegrave

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