Welcome to the second series of the Circulate Podcast. Over the next 10 episodes, we’ll be speaking with some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers about everything from cities, artificial intelligence, design, education and much more. If you’re thinking that sounds like a broad range of subjects, you’re right: these conversations were found in some of the best shows at the recent Disruptive Innovation Festival, an online, open access event that features over 250 sessions on the changing economy. We’ve edited them into a shorter podcast format that can be listened to whenever and however you like. Come back to Circulate every two weeks for the latest episode, subscribe to the Circulate Podcast on iTunes or find us on your favourite podcast player.

Episode 1

Colin Webster speaks with Elizabeth Yee, the Vice President of City Solutions for 100RC and help us to ask what we can learn from how cities are overcoming resilience challenges.















Episode 2

We speak with Jim Miller, Google’s Vice President of Global Operations, to ask him what the circular economy can do for one of the world’s most influential companies.

Episode 3

How well do you know the circular economy? Join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as we discuss both the concept and how businesses and governments have begun to take it on.














Episode 4

The information technology revolution has only just begun, yet it is removing jobs faster than its creating them – hear from social entrepreneur Nikki Silvestri on why we have to nurture society through periods of disruption.












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The Author

Colin Webster

Colin Webster

Colin joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2012. He has taken on a variety of roles within the education team, and these days works predominantly on curating content for the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF), supporting the development of the Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship and creating educational resources in a variety of formats. Colin lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and enjoys playing with his children at the beach. And drinking whisky.

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