Circulate on Fridays: A busy week for the world and circular economy!

Many of the world’s most influential people were in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum meeting this week, meanwhile the Donald Trump era was officially ushered in with his inauguration – yeah, it was a big few days! Hopefully, we can bring you some additional weekend positivity with a jam-packed Circulate on Fridays, including three big circular economy related launches, how impact investing can actually have an impact, how Tesla covered an entire island with solar power and much more! 

The Island of Ta’u in American Samoa has reportedly been burning over 100,00 gallons of fuel per year using diesel generators to provides its population of 600 with electricity, but those days are no more after Tesla and SolarCity combined to provide a new solar and battery installation, which will make the island energy independent. As always with Tesla, they’re pretty good at communicating what they do, so watch this video:

If you’re into cool visual stuff, have a look at this biomimicry animation posted by Brian Collier.

It was a big week for circular economy related launches! The New Plastics Economy initiative unveiled a new three-pronged attack/action plan on plastic packaging supported by 40+ industry leaders on Monday. Today, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation unveiled the Circular Design Guide, created with IDEO, which aims to support designers who are beginning to explore the circular economy. Finally, SystemIQ released Achieving Growth Within identifying the 10 key themes for EU circular economy investment worth €320bn, which could enable the realisation of the benefits found in the June 2015 Growth Within research.

All of that took place at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, where The Circulars were also awarded, see the full list of winners here. One of those winners was Patagonia, who also made news with the launch of a new digital platform for their Worn Wear programme aiming to give extra life to their products.

If all of that wasn’t enough, here are three more quick recommended reads to enjoy this weekend!

  1. McKinsey & co explain how impact investing can actually have impact and reach the mainstream.
  2. Will 2017 be the year of the zero-emission fuel cell vehicle?
  3. Finally, find out on Sustainable Brands why Sweden is now buying its neighbours waste!
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