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Policy shift opportunities for a circular economy?

A new report prepared for the European Commission has pointed out opportunities for actions around policy and regulatory actions that could help to enable and unlock the growth potential of a circular economy. 

The study, pulled together as part of the EU’s action on circular economy, points out gaps in legal frameworks and identified regulatory obstacles, which could be slowing Europe’s transition to a circular economy.


Barriers were grouped under three main themes, including:

– Lack of clarity around legislation in terms of waste stream collections, in particular with issues around mixed waste.

– Challenges around secondary materials, both in terms of cost versus raw materials and perceptions around quality of products.

– The study identified the need for enforceable product requirements around key points including design for reuse, repair and recycling.

While phrased as “barriers” that need to be resolved, these policy gaps also represent regional and national circular economy opportunities for businesses and governments to collaborate around.

Source: Report Identifies Regulatory Barriers To The Circular Economy

Full report

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