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Circulate on Fridays: AI, Turbines and Uber

Every Friday, the Circulate team pull together a collection of their favourite circular economy related articles, podcasts and videos that they’ve come across during the previous week. This week we’re looking at the amazing cost of wind turbines, food waste opportunities, new thinking on AI, the latest on Uber and plenty more…

Some of the world’s biggest companies are coming together to work on the “trustworthiness” of artificial intelligence. NPR has the scoop as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and IBM form a formidable partnership.

Collectively, US businesses could reduce food waste by over 50% by 2030, all while benefitting financially, by following a few simple steps. This ReFED report represented on an interactive website explains how.

From Pixabay
From Pixabay

How do you make a city great? In their latest research, McKinsey & Co. has identified three things that the world’s leading cities.

An Indian startup has unveiled wind turbine that can produce three to five kW hours of electricity daily and can last a lifetime – all while costing about the same amount as an iPhone! Find out more about Avant Garde Innovations in this Educate Inspire Change article.

Uber-owned Otto, a self-driving truck design completed its first delivery this week, delivering over 50,000 beers. Autonomous vehicle opportunities for long haul trips look highly plausible, Wired has the story on this occasion.

In an interesting labour development for the sharing economy and gig economy, a UK employment tribunal has ruled in favour of two Uber drivers petitioning to be treated as being employed.

Meanwhile, by the end of 2017, every new Tesla car will be able to drive itself. Undeterred by criticism of the autopilot function, Elon Musk announced at a press conference that his company is continuing its pursuit of a self-driving vision. Musk and Tesla’s commitment to autonomous vehicles is pretty telling in terms of just how advanced the technology has become.

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