Circulate on Fridays: Patagonia’s new film and cashing in on the circular economy

Every Friday, Circulate provides a roundup of some of the best circular economy articles, videos and podcasts that we’ve seen during the week. Today, we’ve picked out a piece on the impact of one of the leading car-sharing firms in the U.S, a new film on the future of agriculture, the city that is fast becoming a “booming innovation hub” and more.

Assessing the impact of car sharing services

According to new research released this month, each vehicle used for one-way car sharing can reduce the amount of cars on the street by 11, potentially cutting emissions by nearly 13 metric tons per year. The findings ultimately focused on the potential benefits created by the largest car-sharing service in the U.S called Car2go. Users rent a car in one location and drop it off at another, paying for the trip by the minute. The research team from University California Berkeley used data from nearly 10,000 Car2go members, the surveys found that the service was keeping 28,000 privately owned cars off the streets, while 2-5% losers reportedly sold their cars and 7-10% decided against buying a new vehicle because of the service.

How to cash in on the circular economy

How do governments, businesses and other bodies cash in on the benefits of a circular economy? Read this useful summation of some of the key topics from Stefan Ranstrand, the president of TOMRA Systems ASA, where he covers a range of issues including; the importance of natural capital, the role of new technologies, assessing the business benefits and the value of effective communication.

The future of food

A newly released Patagonia Provisions film looks at the future of food within a context of significant environmental issues and the prospect of having to feed a global population of over nine billion. The short documentary explores a number of topics, focusing on the need to reinvigorate biodiversity and develop growing and harvesting methods that restore soil, land and wildlife.

Will China soon give Silicon Valley a run for its money?

In an intriguing piece for Business Insider, Tina Wadhwa writes about the transition in the Chinese economy looking at the latest statistics in terms of patent filing and innovation. She argues that Shenzhen and the rest of the Chinese market is fast catching up with California in terms of investment and points towards the remarkable rates of patent filing coming out of Chinese city. Could this be the cusp of a significant swing in terms of the globe’s largest innovation hubs?

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