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90{8b0f3a7b3eacfe1804507280dbfc7f5f2ba1d5417cdd881cfa7a48d820f01dd7} of today’s journeys could be covered by electric vehicles

Concerns about the range of electric vehicles (EVs) may be less relevant in today’s context, EVs are potentially already suitable for up to 90% of the trips undertaken in the United States every year, according to new research conducted by a team of researchers at MIT.

Analysis of millions of car trips across the U.S. through survey and GPS data, the research team at MIT found that EVs could make 87% of trips (including the return journey) without needing to charge. Estimates were based upon a model like a Nissan Leaf, currently priced at around $30,000, but the paper argued that continued improvement in battery development could see EVs emerge capable of covering more than 95% of trips by as soon as 2020.

In this re-imagined system, charging would only need to take place at night (or during other inactive hours when parked at home).

The report concluded that the 13% of journeys not covered is enough to still discourage purchasing of EVs today and getting closer to 100% will be essential to increase ownership, as well as adapting transport business models to cover the kinds of travel not possible or inconvenient for electric vehicles.

Source: Electric Vehicles Could Work For Almost 90% Of Car Trips Today



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