New report looks at integrating natural capital into the global economy

It is becoming more generally accepted that accounting for the full cost of products and services, incorporating and valuing natural capital in the global economy is a valuable action for the future of the economy. However, actually measuring natural capital in both a thorough and simple way has not been possible so far. The Natural Capital Leaders forum is hoping to advance that agenda with the release of a new report called “Operationalising Natural Capital”.

Operationalising-NatCapThe report explores the different mechanisms by which businesses are attempting to include natural resource issues in their economic models and decision-making. It’s objective was to provide a first truly exhaustive analysis of the current state of play for natural capital accounting and suggest a direction of travel in the future.

Identifying that an increasingly long-term outlook is becoming more common among companies, the research concluded that communicating the economic benefits, which do not come only via profits, remains a significant challenge, but the paper as a whole paints a relatively optimistic vision in terms of transforming the global economic model.

Read the full report.

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