Uber introduces self-driving car

Just as large incumbent automotive manufacturers are embracing the changing face of mobility and personal transportation, some of the newer disrupters are beginning to branch out into a more complex picture as well. Uber is a ride-sharing app that has taken many cities by storm, but its creators may be preparing for the next step after unveiling the company’s first self-driving car at their Advanced Technology Centre in Pittsburgh.

The vehicle’s first test of its self-driving capabilities will come as it travels around Pittsburgh collecting mapping data from around the city.

Rapid technological advancement, increasing road safety and improving travel convenience are the most significant drivers of current self-driving car advancements, but the technology also has the potential to disrupt the mobility system on a much larger scale, potentially enabling city transportation that uses significantly less space, runs more efficiently and has fewer negative externalities.

A direct link between Uber’s ride-sharing business and self-driving car technology has yet to be made, but considering the sharing potential of fully autonomous vehicles, it is perhaps no surprise that a company like Uber is investigating.

Source: This is Uber’s first self-driving car

Lead image: Photo credit: jtjdt via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

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