Sensors to enable the ‘Internet of Soil’

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to influence a wide range of sectors and parts of the global economy. One area where significant progress continues to be made is agriculture, where technological advancements enable precision techniques, which could play a significant role in a new regenerative model for agriculture. 

A startup, called CropX, is taking this one step further stating their desire to create the “Internet of Soil”, where they focus on soil health and quality as a way of reducing over watering and use of chemicals on fields, the focus is different than many precision agriculture companies, which use drone imaging to monitor crops above the soil. The company can apparently keep track of a 125-acre farming plot and its water needs with just three sensors, CropX believes they can cut farm water use by 30% using monitoring technology.

The company’s connected farming approach has attracted its share of large backers, most notably Bosch and Flex (previously called Flextronics). Critical to a more effective agricultural approach is the potential to regenerate the nutritional quality of the soil and monitoring technologies like those being developed by CropX could play a role in that.

Source: The ‘Internet of Soil’ gets a boost from sensor makers Bosch, Flex

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