Toy Box Club: A new model for toys

There are few items that have a shorter lifespan than a child’s favourite toy. Eagerly picked out off the shop’s shelf, intensively played with, but ultimately discarded after a short amount of time for reasons ranging from age, trends and simply shifts in interest. A recently launched service called the Toy Box Club aims to transition that parental challenge into an opportunity by jumping on the collaborative consumption and sharing economy trends.

Licensed under CC - credit Flickr user: Antonio
Licensed under CC – credit Flickr user: Antonio

Toy Box Club is offering a monthly subscription service, where each month, “age appropriate, developmentally relevant, hand picked and clean” toys are delivered to straight to your door, while the previous month’s delivery can be collected.

The service provides a huge range of toys to sample and enjoy for children, while avoiding the build up of disused items in the home. The service is currently targeted at the pre-school market and helps parents to challenge their children, encouraging them to try new things, break out of their comfort zones, develop attention spans, as well as learning to collaborate, share and learn the value of what they have.

Source: Is it time for the toy industry to embrace collaborative consumption?

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