Tools-on-Demand for independent garages and workshops

Traditionally, independent garages and workshops have been limited by the quantity, diversity and quality of tools that they are able to afford and maintain. However, a recently released Innoverne product may provide an answer to some of those challenges. ALOA (Agra Location Outillage Automobile) is a Tools-on-Demand service provided for Groupe AGRA. 

Licensed under CC - credit Flickr user: Amaya Rodrigo
Licensed under CC – credit Flickr user: Amaya Rodrigo

The service, mostly run through a web platform, aims to provide smaller garages and workshops with fast, easy and secure access to more than 500 specialist tools and equipment needed for different aspects of automotive repair. If Tools-on-Demand works effectively, then it should help to retain and enable the continued development of extremely valuable repair skills, while relieving cash flow pressures related to the purchasing of expensive equipment and increasing the utilisation of specialist tools.

Rental prices for products are determined by the costs of individual tools and the overall membership level, while there are a number of different subscription levels, starting at as low as €1 per day.


This development ties in with a general circular economy trend, where businesses and manufacturers are identifying the opportunity to provide access to certain products, rather than selling outright. The Tools-on-Demand service will be able to maintain and maximise profit from a large array of different tools, as well as providing a more cost effective option for the buyer.

Source: Tools-on-Demand service launched for Groupe AGRA

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