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How Nature Would Print: Gugler Goes Cradle to Cradle

Austrian company gugler has produced the first printing products that can be completely returned to the biological cycle after use, earning the Cradle to Cradle® quality seal award.

Paper recycling is frequently held up as an example of how material flows can be made effective, the sector has relatively high rates of recycling. However, those processes do not retain a high percentage of the product’s value, only the pulp is recyclable, which accounts for 60% of the total volume. The rest, mostly ink and filler material, is removed during the recycling processes and is potentially toxic sludge.

Two products, produced by gugler, break this trend. Product groupss Pureprint 1 and Pureprint 2 are fully returnable to the biological cycle, with the leftover “sludge” fully applicable as fertiliser material.

Watch the company’s well-made Youtube video below:

Source: gugler: printing products return to the biological cycle (new on the C2C-Centre)

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