GM Unveils Maven, New Mobility Vision

General Motors (GM) announced on Thursday that it has formed a new brand called Maven. The brand will encompass the company’s new car-sharing ventures, including a new service expected to launch next month in Michigan as competition with ZipCar.

Licensed under CC - credit Flickr user: Camera Eye Photography
Licensed under CC – credit Flickr user: Camera Eye Photography

The move is significant in the context of a fast-changing automotive landscape and is demonstrative of the activities of large car manufacturers, who are aiming to adapt to new trends, rather than resist. For GM, the launch of Maven comes on the heels of a pair of investments in ride-hailing businesses: a $500 million injection of capital into Lyft and the purchase of defunct Sidecar.

Maven will be piloted in Ann Arbor, with the expectation that people will be able to rent cars for as little as $6 per hour through a smart-phone app. Customers can sign up for cars and unlock them remotely using the app. The service is expected to launch in February.

As outlined in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Growth Within report, the real economic and business opportunities are unlocked when mobility is considered as a system and where various trends, sharing, transition to electric and autonomous are combined.

Source: GM Unites Car-Sharing Services Under New Brand ‘Maven’


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