New Survey Suggests Job-Seekers Believe Sharing Economy Is a Good Thing

A new survey conducted by HR technology provider CareerArc suggests that 86% of job seekers and human resources professionals believe that the sharing economy is positive for the economy and employment. The question was asked in a context of growing concerns about the damage sharing economy business models are potentially doing to labour security and the rights of workers.

1,557 job seekers and 391 HR professionals were polled as part of the survey, which was designed to discover a little more about labour market perceptions of the sharing economy. The survey also found that the most attractive aspects of the sharing economy were increased flexibility, lack of direct management and opportunity to work outside of the office management.

The results of the survey don’t detract from the macro concerns about the sharing economy and its potential impacts on the future of work. Indeed, CareerArc’s study also indicated that there were concerns about the lack of security, lack of benefits and lack of upward mobility in sharing economy employment.

The debates and regulatory battles relating to new business models, especially giants like Uber and Airbnb are likely to rage on. It’s an unenviable challenge and the eventual results from those debates will have a profound impact on the future of work and the global economy.

Source: 86 percent say the sharing economy is a good thing

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