New “EatChaFood” App To Reduce Food Waste

Technology and design researchers have been looking into different ways to reduce food waste, or to create flows where food that is set to be wasted, is instead sent to a place where it can be used in response to the challenge where one third of the world’s food is wasted.

One line of work has looked at a way to positively encourage consumers to reduce their food waste. Work at the QUT School of Design has been done to develop a prototype for “EatChaFood”, an app that links to a refrigerator camera, which takes pictures of the fridge each time the door is opened, effectively acting as an inventory of current household food supply. The app could be used by customers while shopping to reduce over-consumption and also to make it easier to create recipes by matching up food.

It’s worth noting that innovations like this are tackling the issue of food waste at the ‘wrong end of the pipe’. EatChaFood can help to reduce the amount of excess from individual households, but the largest quantities of waste are still found in food stores and through the supply chain.

However, apps like EatChaFood are a demonstration of the potential for internet-connected technology to provide information in a positive way at an individual consumer level.

Source: Technology reduces food waste: QUT study

Ellen MacArthur offers some initial thoughts on the broader issue of food and the circular economy in this short interview:

Licensed under CC – credit Flickr user: Daniel Go

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