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Circulate on Fridays: The Future of Jobs, Zoo Cycles and more…

Every Friday, Circulate rounds up a collection of interesting circular economy related stories and articles. This week, we’re recommending articles on the future of jobs and the opportunities for the re-utilisation of zoo waste.

What’s the future of jobs? It’s a fair and oft-interrogated question in an era dominated by technology. Vox’s Timothy Lee draws heavily upon a new book written by economist James Bessen, to argue that while technology does eliminate jobs in some sectors, it’s overall impact on the market is net positive.

He’s got at least one ally as Jim Edwards, writing in Business Insider UK, makes a similar case graphically illustrating the historical relationship between technological developments and jobs.

Still, concerns about the future of jobs cannot be dismissed as completely invalid. The Second Machine Age, a book written by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson is often the starting point for the other side of the argument, one that even technology mogul lBill Gates has voiced sympathy for.

Is our economics over obsessed with debt? In a slightly surprising turn, a group of IMF economists are arguing that countries should question the value of paying off national debt and focus on spurring growth, Wall Street Journal’s Ian Talley has the full story. Perhaps the greatest challenge then is in finding the best opportunities to ‘spur growth’, the circular economy model is one which offers the prospect of an economy that can grow in the long-term and with greater resilience.

The Detroit Zoo has announced that it intends to save $70,000 to $80,000 per year in energy costs by building a biogas facility, which will make energy utilising the park’s animal waste. The idea is catching on with similar plans being made at Toronto zoo. Get the full scoop at

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