Smart Glass Could Help To Optimise Temperature and Light

A company based in Minnesota, Sage Electrochromics, is developing smart glass technology, which could control the level of light and amount of heat allowed into a room potentially helping homes and offices to save energy cosst by optimising temperature and light.

Sage Electrochromics have demonstrated prototype glass that can tint in various ways to optimise the level of heat and light allowed into buildings. This makes items like blinds and shades optional and also reduces the reliance on temperature control like air conditioning.

The glass has also been designed with Internet of Things capabilities in mind. The company has previously developed products where users can control tinting with their smartphones and there’s already glass that can be programmed to react to changes in light conditions.

In a circular economy, as well as transitioning to renewable sources, flows of energy will need to be optimised and better systems of energy usage will need to be created. Examples like this development from Sage Electrochromics are evidence of the technology available at the scale of an individual building to optimise energy usage, also helping users to reduce their energy costs.

Source: Smart glass and the internet of things will make your office less stuffy

Lead Image Licensed under CC – credit Flickr user: Chrysti

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