Ken Webster introduces new book ‘A Wealth of Flows’

Ken Webster, Head of Innovation at Ellen MacArthur Foundation and author of The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows, shares some of his thinking behind this important new publication in this interview with Circulate.

A Wealth of Flows is written and designed to offer context, analysis and case studies relating to the circular economy, a systemic shift in thinking that is gaining momentum around the world. It is an ideal first step for those just discovering the circular model, and a way for those already familiar with the concept to enrich their understanding.

About the book

Ken Webster argues that our linear ‘take-make and dispose’ economy is a 19th century heritage adrift in the 21st century reality. The time is right to move towards a circular economy – a regenerative model based around feedback-rich flows allied to new business models. The economic advantage lies in designing out waste, enabling access over ownership, using materials in cascading systems and radical resource productivity with the prospect of rebuilding capital and resilience.  

In the following interview, Ken gives an insight into the thinking behind the book, how it fits in today’s economic landscape and global trends, and how to format and style contribute to the work.

The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows is available to pre-order now from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website, and is released this Friday.

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Joe Iles

Joe Iles

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