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Regenerative Capitalism Framework Released

“Regenerative capitalism: how universal principles and patterns will shape our new economy” proposes a new holistic vision for the future of the global economy, says a new report released by the Capital Institute.

In the publication, John Fullerton, former manager director at JP Morgan, outlines the regenerative capitalism framework, which touches on a number of pertinent issues including the importance of systemic change and the creation of economic markets that account for both environmental and social factors.

A few of the key points include:

  • Our current economic models attempts to break down complex systems into simpler parts in order to manage them. This is no longer working effectively.
  • The environment and our economic system are tightly intertwined.
  • Diversity, innovation and adaptability in economic systems is better than rigid structures – a global “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t work.
  • There is a need to think about the global economy from a holistic systems perspective.
  • The role of modern finance, with its single-minded pursuit of optimising investment returns, needs to be questioned and criticised in terms of the role it should play in our economies in the future.

Source: Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape Our New Economy

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