Philips Provides Light As A Service To Schiphol

Schiphol Group, Cofely and Philips have entered into a collaboration for the provision of lighting in terminal buildings at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The arrangement means that Schiphol now pays for the light it uses, while Philips retains ownership of the fixtures and installations in a model similar to the collaboration between Philips and Turntoo.

Philips and leading service business provider Cofely will be jointly responsible for the system’s durability and performance, while Philips Design specifically developed lighting fixtures for the airport with serviceability and individual component repair/replacement in mind. The company expects that Schiphol’s lighting will last 75% longer than conventional products.

Philips also believes that utilising LED technology will help to create a 50% reduction in electricity consumption.

The partnership is expected to maximise energy usage, reduce costs and provide a better lighting experience for Schiphol Airport.

Source: Philips Provides Light as a Service to Schiphol Airport

Lead image: License CC – credit Flickr user John Nash

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