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De Lage Landen: Realising The Opportunities Of A Circular Business Model

De Lage Landen (DLL), a global provider asset-based financial solutions based in the Netherlands, has launched a report titled “Realizing Opportunities for a Circular Business Model”, which provides guidance to business leaders when dealing with the challenges associated with the changing economy and transition to a circular economy model.

The circular economy is a different global economic model that decouples economic growth and development from resource constraints, keeping products components and materials at their highest value at all times.

Business has enjoyed success in adjusting its models switching to performance economy, or service-based models as described by Walter Stahel throughout the course of his work. One challenge that businesses face, even while taking advantage of the profitable opportunities in selling a product as a service, is finding finance-based solutions that support those new business models.

DLL’s report takes businesses and entrepreneurs through the opportunities and challenges of transforming their business model, including highlighting the opportunities to increase and sustain profitability.

Source: DLL Report

Lead image licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 / Flickr user Marcello Brivio

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