Circulate On Fridays: IBM’s Blueprint, Changing Laptop Design And More…

Every Friday, Circulate rounds up a collection of stories and interesting articles from the week. This week we highlight a piece that analyses IBM’s approach to the Internet of Things, an article on Cartridge World’s remanufacturing, thoughts on the need to change economic incentives to encourage new design and a new fluid to help access larger amounts of geothermal energy.

It makes sense that if the objective of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to create a more connected world with billions of products and devices connected into a big data internet, then there should be a connectivity between businesses and individuals. IBM has outlined a set of new software services to enable an “ecosystem” of partners to work collaboratively in the IoT space. Read more about the new system, how it fits in with IBM’s recent $3 billion IoT commitment and its benefits for innovators at Reseller News.

Rosie Spinks explains the nature of linear business models and how they de-incentivise the production of better and better value products. This article takes the example of a laptop and includes input from leading collaborative consumption thinker Rachel Botsman. Read it in full at Alternet.

Large scale remanufacturing is happening today and is well-established. One example highlighted by North Jersey this week in an article by Stephen Canning is Cartridge World. They replace empty printer cartridges for remanufactured products at up to 50% of the price.

Geothermal energy – power generated through the earth’s natural heat – is usually restricted to a few specific areas. A new environmentally-friendly fluid might be about to change all of that. The new fluid described as “reservoir stimulus” using half as much water as other fluids and could provide access to geothermal energy previously thought to be untouchable. The discovery could provide significant opportunities for the expansion of Geothermal energy as a renewable resource. Read more about the discovery at Click Green.

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