Circulate On Fridays: Canon Missing A “Trick”, New Uses For Food Waste and more…

Every Friday, Circulate rounds up a collection of stories and interesting articles from the week. This week we recommend a great read on the opportunities for Canon in remanufacturing, we look at a couple of unanticipated uses for food waste and it seems like cities around the world are jumping on the 100% renewable targets “bandwagon”. 

Rebecca Griffiths asks whether Canon is missing a trick by not having a developed remanufactured cartridge strategy. The printer company does recognise the value in remanufacturing its printers, but she suggests that there are both economic and brand benefits to the company by also integrating remanufacturing into the cartridge side of its business. Read Griffiths’ full thoughts on The Recycler.

New possibilities for food waste seem to emerge on a weekly basis, but two have particularly grabbed Circulate’s attention this week. Check out Energy and Environment’s article on the possibilities to use food waste to form graphene, a tough material that could be used to make items such as mobile phone cases. In addition, Fast Company has run a story about Italian-based designer Marina Ceccolini and her work in creating a 3D-printing material called “AgriDust” – a compound of a number of food wastes, which potentially could replace plastic in short-lived products.

AgriDust represents another opportunity for 3D-printing too. This week Heidi Milkert wrote about the “Next 5 Years” for 3D-printing covering a range of topics including; user convenience, the Internet of Things and potential resistance to the approach. Read the full article at

Finally, in the wake of Costa Rica’s 75 straight days without burning a single fossil fuel, there’s been a surge in reports on cities with similar aspirations. VanCityBuzz covers the news that Vancouver expects to be running on 100% renewable energy before 2050 and the Guardian discusses similar aspirations in Texas City. Both have stated economic benefits as their primary motivation.


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