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This week we highlight an article asking for a new focus on remanufacturing, a strong critique of the idea that the sharing economy is a “technological saviour”, why diversity is important for urban production and growth, and the way that the circular economy is helping to create new jobs in Croatia.

Arun Katiyar, writing for Live Mint, writes about the value in focusing on remanufacturing as an economic opportunity. He highlights the benefits already being experienced in the consumer goods markets. Katiyar looks at ‘reman’ as a part of the “4 Rs” and highlights some of the revenue streams currently being exploited globally. Read the full article on Live Mint.

The growth in opinion-based articles written about the sharing economy is almost keeping pace with the growth in sharing economy businesses. Still, this piece written by Derek du Preez for Diginomica stands out as one that provided deep insights and a balanced approach. Du Preez’s analysis is worth a read for anyone interested in the socio-economic issues around the sharing economy/collaborative consumption. Full article at Diginomica.

A new report has been released that reveals research findings suggested that greater professional and economic diversity is good for cities and urban growth. Read the full report here.

Croatia’s Environmental and Nature Protection Minister Mihael Zmajlovic said at an event on Thursday that the transition to a circular economy, where cycles of resources are created with the support of the waste management industry, will help to create around 12,000 new jobs for the country. Check out the announcement on the Global Post

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