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We speak with Jim Miller, Google’s Vice President of Global Operations about what the circular economy can do for this leading contemporary’s business.

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This Friday, Pew Research finds out what people really think of the sharing economy, NASA are using gecko tech and a chance to catch up on circular economy insight on the BBC and iTunes.

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Each year, the retail graphics and corrugated display markets produce 6.8-billion-square-metres of product, most of which are made from virgin paper-based products like cardboard and paperboard, or non-recyclable plastics and foam. Given the dependence on virgin materials to make these products and their high volume of turnover in stores, the

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A recent report released by UPS and GreenBiz titled, “The Growth of the Circular Economy”, includes a survey of circular economy knowledge among executives and thoughts leaders in a corporate context, with a strong weighting towards the USA.

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To some, open source sounds like chaos, like design by committee – it could never work. But this approach could actually accelerate the shift to a circular economy.

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The complexities of material composition and the fashion industry have made initial forays into clothing challenging for circular economy models. However, over the last 12 to 18 months there has been a noticeable growth in the development of new initiatives in the clothing space. Two recent examples in the Nordic

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