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Some of the exciting possibilities that exist when circular thinking is applied to planet’s favourite alcoholic tipple

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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit and Wendy Schmidt want to change the way we make and use plastic

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Every week Circulate on Fridays aims to break down walls by sharing a combination of cutting edge and often close to ‘whacky’ video, podcast and reading content. This weekend is no different! We share a smartphone BBC film on biodegradable clothing, a Danish beer brewed partly using music festival urine,

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International Correspondents

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The sharing economy is gaining a great deal of focus globally and is seen to be one of the fastest growing business sectors in most developed economies. However, in Japan, despite continued and steady growth in recent years, it is still in its infancy when compared to other major economies

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Os oceanos recebem hoje um caminhão de plásticos por minuto. Isso significa anualmente 8 milhões de toneladas que vêm acrescentar-se aos 150 milhões de toneladas ali presentes. Para cada 3 quilos de peixe, há 1 quilo de plásticos nos ambientes marinhos. A continuar nesse ritmo, em menos de 35 anos

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Le modèle de « facturation à l’usage » est de plus en plus répandu dans les bureaux, mais qu’en est-il dans les usines ? En France, dans quelques industries, le modèle commence lentement à s’imposer. Désormais, de nombreuses entreprises n’achètent plus d’imprimantes, de systèmes d’éclairage, d’ordinateurs ou encore de moquettes pour leurs bureaux.

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