Ikea: A Vision For A Circular Retailer

Ikea’s head of sustainability, Steve Howard made the headlines earlier this week when he suggested that consumers, at least in the ‘western world’, had reached “peak home furnishings”. It is perhaps an interesting comment considering Ikea’s ambitious target of almost doubling its sales by 2020.

Licensed under CC: credit Flickr user Philippa Willitts
Licensed under CC: credit Flickr user Philippa Willitts

However, Howard’s core point is that patterns of consumption are changing. He told a Guardian conference that, “we will be increasingly building a circular Ikea where you can repair and recycle products.”

It’s an interesting vision for a ‘circular retailer’, in particular because it is being elocuted by such a large corporation. Howard’s comments adds weight to the argument that even the largest companies are being disrupted and need to adapt to the changing economic landscape. The circular economy, it seems, is the chosen model of adaption.

Source: We’ve hit peak home furnishings, says Ikea boss

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