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What are some of the trends in storing, communicating, and using big data when it comes to materials, and what impact could this have on the circular economy?

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Why sell bikes outright to children who will only be able to use them for a short period of time before they outgrow them? It’s the question that Isla Rowntree, owner of children’s bicycle manufacturer Islabikes asked herself. The solution, it turns out, is simple, Islabikes will now rent out

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Why car startup Lynk & Co has got Silicon Valley salivating, how Google are embracing the circular economy, and a new report on how the fight against poverty could be a big economic opportunity.

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International Correspondents

Energy and Material FlowsInternational Correspondents

Um relatório recém publicado pelo Painel de Recursos Internacionais do Programa das Nações Unidas para o Meio Ambiente mostra um quadro extremamente preocupante: a fome de recursos por parte da economia global não cessa de aumentar. A ambição de fazer mais com menos sequer iniciou sua concretização. O mundo está

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The sharing economy is gaining a great deal of focus globally and is seen to be one of the fastest growing business sectors in most developed economies. However, in Japan, despite continued and steady growth in recent years, it is still in its infancy when compared to other major economies

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Energy and Material FlowsInternational Correspondents

Os oceanos recebem hoje um caminhão de plásticos por minuto. Isso significa anualmente 8 milhões de toneladas que vêm acrescentar-se aos 150 milhões de toneladas ali presentes. Para cada 3 quilos de peixe, há 1 quilo de plásticos nos ambientes marinhos. A continuar nesse ritmo, em menos de 35 anos

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